The PULSE Water Treatment System – Coming Soon (July 2021)

Destroy pathogens in your water supply with The PULSE Water Treatment

Most people who know the Native Sun Group team know that they have purposely flown “under the radar” for the last two years. Their technology has been undergoing the final preparations before they hold two exciting reveals. When NSG decided to delay the focused Research and Development on our PULSE Water system and move our R&D to our PULSE Air & Surface we really decided to operate on Parallel Track!

The Explanation: Twelve years ago, our Patent Developer worked solely in the Ballast Water arena. Two years ago, NSG shifted all of our resources to the Waste Water arena. NSG (Fahs-Stagemyer and the Precise Energy Separation [PES]™) made the decision to adapt its technology to the needs that are most prevalent in the US. This shift is the only shift that we have made that has caused a major refocus of time, finances, and energies. The PESTM technology was large and rapidly becoming antiquated, and a new approach was needed.

The Consequences: Years of experience in the military had caused our CEO to hear the phrase “unintended consequences” with a negative connotation. NSG’s shift in focus has provided our R&D team with many “positive” unintended consequences! The Tech Team adopted a “Micro-engineering” mindset that allows the PULSE to be easily transportable while retaining the flexibility of affordable scalability. NSG had to completely “rethink” the printed circuit board due to the amazing amount of energy that was to be released with every pulse. In the “rethink” NSG increased the number of pulses per second (now pulsing in excess of 100 times per second) and the amount of energy to be released per pulse (now pulsing 2.5 to 3 MW per pulse).

The Technology: Standard UV Technology (currently used in a few applications) seeks to dissociate the DNA of a virus cell. When successful, this approach “inactivates” the cell and thus sanitizes the water. NSG does not accept this approach as a viable answer to the water contamination problem being experienced world-wide. The PULSE approach is to use INTENSE LIGHT PULSING to totally DESTROY any and all pathogens that are found in the water supply! YES, NSG uses UV Light. NO, NSG does not seek to dissociate the DNA of a viral strain! Viral Strains Change. NSG KILLS, DESTROYS, ERADICATES any and all strains; now and in the future!