Pathogen eradication on contact at 10 feet, delivering 8 pulses per second @ 250mJ into 1 cm². This 3 wall system attaches to your existing building. All of our patented PULSE air sanitizers fit within the customized annex. The PULSE Annex is designed specifically for the needs of our clients. We provide all that is needed, including protective eyewear furnished by a US Optics Group that has over 2 billion pairs of glasses sold!

  • Panel sizes determine overall annex size.
  • Panels can be colored opaque or transparent.
  • Available in Bronze or White.
Destroy pathogens in the air and on surfaces with The PULSE Annex Sanitizing System
  • Remote Temperature Sensing
  • Facial Recognition Software
  • Personal Historical Profiling
  • Predictive Analysis Software
  • Walk-Thru PULSE Lighting
  • Whole Body Sanitization (Outer Clothing)
  • Eye Protection Provided
  • Bottom of Shoes to Top of the Head
What Do You Want to Know?

Combine facial recognition with historical profiles and predictive analysis. Know who is sick and who is becoming sick!

What Do You Want to Do?

Deactivate viruses by using UV-C germicidal lights OR eradicate all viral pathogens with high intensity light PULSES, 6-8 times per second?

The PULSE Interior Walk-Thru

Our lowest cost system, due to the fact that we use your space and set up our system as economically as your needs require. You can still have:

  • Remote Temperature Sensing
  • Facial Recognition
  • Personal History Profiling
  • Walk-Thru Sanitization
The PULSE Free Stand Walk-Thru

This system is designed for specific needs such as ballistic rating, transportability, climate  adaptability, and negative air flow option if needed. This system includes:

  • Metal Detector
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Facial Recognition
  • Personal History Profiling
  • Walk-Thru Sanitization